I always enjoy hearing of zither events outside of the US, so thank you to Franz Metzger for sharing this photo of the Den En Zither Ensemble. The zither ensemble recently participated in a program in Tokyo. Franz also shared the following details regarding their recent performance:

"On September 8th, the Den En Zither Ensemble performed at the Fujimikaikan city facility in Den En Chofu, Tokyo, Japan. The ensemble participated in a concert given by some of the groups, professional and amateur, who practice at this facility. The program included Japanese folk instruments, vocal performances, Ocarina groups, our zither ensemble and a cello orchestra. Our group played "Jasmin - Polka" by Jos. Haustein, Op 110 (Zither I, II and Altzither) and "Elbstrandbilder Walzer" by Curt Freidrich (Zither I, II and Altzither). We annually play at this group concert using normal tables but this year we imported two zither tables from Germany and one of our members (far right in photo) made three tables. The new tables looked great and so was the sound."

The Den En Zither Ensemble, from left to right: Katsuya Shirai (Altzither), Teiko Sato (Zither I),
Franz Metzger (Zither I), Sachiko Sato (Zither II) and Toshihiro Kozaki (Zither II)

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