This zither photo was shared by Dick Boak of the Martin Guitar Company. The concert zither, shown below, was made by C.F. Martin, Jr., circa 1882 and is currently on display in the Martin Museum.

Photo Courtesy of C. F. Martin Archives ©

Martin Zither (ca. 1880-1882) - Upon request, C. F. Martin, Jr. made a few zithers for Professor Louis Brachet, of Philadelphia. These were nearly identical to their European counterparts and followed the Salzburg form. The five strings over the short fretboard distinguish this as a “concert zither” as opposed to plainer models.

Zither Testing Table (ca. 1880-1882) - This small spruce-topped table bears a label that indicates it was used for testing zithers. The absorbed vibrations from the multi-stringed instrument would greatly enhance and amplify the tone.

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