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Here you will find links to resources and materials that you may need for your concert zither.

Zither Rings

As a service to the zither community, Zither US offers high quality zither rings made by Walter Geipel in Bubenreuth, Germany. Rings are offered in bronze and German silver, in sizes 0 - 8. For information on how to order, email or use the contact form.

Information for Luthiers

A number of folks have expressed an interest in building a concert zither. At this point, there are a few resources that I am aware of.

The Guild of American Luthiers offers John Roeder's concert zither plans. At the following link, see GAL instrument plan #41.

Concert Zither Plans by John Roeder

One of the most comprehensive resources for zither parts that I'm aware of is Thomas Rubner GmbH, located in Markneukirchen, Germany. They have mechanics, zither pins, tuning hammers and other components. Here's the link to their online shop:

Thomas Rubner GmbH

If you've had success building a zither or have information that may be useful to fellow luthiers, please contact us.

Repairs and Restoration

All musicians should be able to perform basic maintenance on their instrument, such as cleaning, changing strings, etc. The following guide, by master zither maker Andreas Spohn, addresses maintenance issues that any zither player may encounter, as well as guidance on when the work is best left to a professional.

Troubleshooting Zither Problems

Should your zither require professional care , the following luthiers are highly recommended.

Radicic Guitar and Zither, St. Louis, MO: With over 25 years of experience as a luthier, Sasha Radicic worked for a number of years with Musik Hartwig in Germany where he handcrafted zithers and performed zither repairs. The Zither US Forum has a few examples of Sasha's restoration work.

Restoration of a William Teubner concert zither

Restoration of a Johann Jobst concert zither

Visit Radicic Guitar and Zither for more information and for Sasha Radicic's preferred contact method.

Ron Cook Studios, Santa Cruz, CA: As a skilled luthier, Ron Cook has undertaken the repair and restoration of a number of zithers. In this regard, he has produced a number of excellent papers which detail the restoration of antique zithers.

Restoration of 1880-1890 Franz Schwarzer Zither

Repair of 1895-1900 Concert Zither

Repair of A. F. Kochendorfer Concert Zither

If you have a zither that is in need of restoration or repair, visit Ron Cook Studios for more information and for Ron Cook's preferred contact method.


Replacement strings for your zither can be obtained from the following resources.

Anne Prinz -

William Kolb - Order Strings

Schneider Musik

Buying a Concert Zither

If you're searching for a new concert zither, your primary sources will be found in Germany. Here are just a few links to help you begin your search.

Horst Wünsche Zitherbau KG
Andreas Spohn - MeisterWerkstätte für Zither und Gitarrenbau
Leo Sprenger - Zupfinstrumentenbaumeister
Meinel - Werkstätte Zithern und Gitarren
Musik Hartwig - MeisterWerkstatt und Musikalienhandel
Otto Schneider - Meisterwekstatt im Zupfinstrumentbau

You can frequently find used concert zithers on eBay. If this is your first zither, and you're not looking for a project, you'll want to verify that the zither is in good shape and playable; that it is not warped and free of major cracks. For more options, you'll want to try eBay's German site. Before bidding however, be aware of shipping costs and ensure the seller offers worldwide shipping.

Are you aware of additional concert zither resources not provided here? If so, contact us.